About HT

Have you ever wondered why we have been confined to watching expensive yet low resolution live streams of focus groups? We did. We really wanted to do something about it.
So a market researcher teamed up with a technologist to come up with an elegant and affordable mobile solution. Our core team has over 30 years experience in both qualitative research and developing secure live streaming solutions for the market research industry across the world.

What we Offer

Mobile Streaming

Stream anything you want, anywhere in HD; focus groups, in-home interviews, accompanied shops, ethnographic studies. You just need a smartphone and a cellular connection.

What you need to get started

  • Android Phone with 4G/LTE and 1080p Video Capability (High Spec phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop and above recommended)

  • Our HT Streaming App

  • Internet Connection of 3MB/s Upload and Download (recommended)

  • Live Streaming Capabilities for facilities

    With our software, you can live stream from your focus room facility in HD. Our software also allows multiple camera angle broadcasting.

    UI/UX Testing

    We have built a custom made remote controlled pan/tilt/zoom camera rig that can track and zoom in on respondent's mobile phones, so that you can see what consumers are doing close up. This removes the need for a human videographer to be in the room when research is being conducted.

    Why HT?

  • Security

    We are rated SSL "A", making us the most encrypted streaming service in the market research industry (we're even more secure than most of the banking industry).

  • Global Reach

    We utilise Amazon's Global Content Delivery Network to accelerate video delivery to our customers, resulting in fast low latency video playback with minimal buffering.

  • Support

    We have a dedicated IT technician on call before and during each session. They will ensure that you have everything ready in place before transmission.

  • Ease of Use

    We've made our apps really simple. Press record. Sessions are kept on our servers available for viewing and download, and there is no limit on viewers (subject to fair usage). Viewers can watch and use our chat facility on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.

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